This page describes the universe in which evolves the game.

A little HistoryEdit

The History of the world where the continent of Aetherlands is, is a bit fuzzy, lots of ducuments were lost. However we can extract some main periods.

The time of the crusadesEdit

This was a time of quick successions of wars and false-peaces. Each of the civilisations wanted to make the others accept their own vision of spirituality. But one day, the Visionnary came and make them all agree that they were all wrong and in fact have different opinions about the sames Entities.

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The great exodusEdit

That was the time where the world was almost lost. A massive pandemic illness with no cure wiped out the planet. Only a few of each civilisation was able to escape to the one and far land unharmed : Aetherland.

When the boats landed, all everyone found was desertic plains, cold mountains and hostil environement. The representants left of each civilisation still managed to make it a home and make a new country.

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The Laüdens' cataclysmEdit

After surviving the worst, a period of intense research followed. None wanted to be powerless again against anything that could come. Each country developed their own way, technologic, scientific or magic.

The laüdens, people of the Laus, specialised in the alchemy of the runes. And searched for the three greatest runes. They were in fact so good at this that they were able to craft two of them, but when they tried to make the last, and the most powerful, of the runes, something that generated an unthinkable power happened.

No one understood what happened that day, but the Laus was sealed by a wall all around it. Nobody is authoresed to walk there ever again.

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Regions and geographyEdit


Map of Aetherlands

The different culturesEdit

Divinities and superior EntitiesEdit