The Time of the CrusadesEdit

No texts being able to tell anymore, the time of crusades is more part of the tales and legends than world History. At that time, the beliefs of every major civilizations differed on many points of view. And to bring their truth, every civilization in turn embarked on crusades with their neighbors sometimes peaceful, sometimes frighteningly murderous. It was not until hundreds of years when this story was only repeating itself, that the Visionary appeared and showed that in the end it was not the differences in each religion that mattered but rather what they had in common. Nobody ever knew who were the Visionary, or whether he was a believer, but he made ​​the greatest period of peace known to the world thanks to the precepts of religions reunited. And even the civilizations kept traditional names of their spiritual entities, they understood that the same entity, large and complex, could be perceived differently by different cultures, and therefore, because sharing different point of views can collect more, civilizations saw the opportunity to better understand, comprehend these higher entities.