Welcome to the Aetherland RPG GDD WikiEdit

This is the wiki that will serve as Game Design Document for the project "Aetherland RPG". This game will be coded in Lua under the Love2D framework.

A note about copyrightsEdit

Everything here will be placed under a copyright licence if not said otherwise. I mean, the game itself, the ideas in it, the mechanics, the story, ...

But, most of the libraries that will be implemented will be under a copyleft license and open source. The game and what makes it run are two different things. I want the tools that will be made to be shared, to be useful and to be adaptive.

If you have a project, want to participate in this one, want to use some of my work, or need help, just ask ! You'll never know before you'll actually ask it ! ^^

Game Design Document planEdit

TODO listsEdit

Here what needs to be done :

  • Continue to transfer the titles into 'Concept description'
  • Build the skills into the skill-lines
  • Add total bonuses add by a fully learned skill-line
  • Make a bestiary of monsters
  • Make some historical facts and legends
  • Detail the PCI
  • Translates the rules
  • Add the character structure

Latest activityEdit

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