Aetherland Dungeons is a role playing / Rogue-like game. The player make a character and make it evolve. The game will be build on two, have to be kept in mind, thoughts :

Foundations :Edit

  1. Logical construct : Given something that we accept as true, everything logically deduce from it must be made.
  2. Infinite potential : The game renewed itself when played again.

If we take for granted that magic exists. The system must have a pseudo-scientific explanation, behavior and understanding. For instance, if we bring black power into the game, having no firearm is nonsense. It's not because we place ourselves in the imaginary that we must lack common sense !

Most of things will be random-driven generated. When we build the data base of the game, we build templates. The gaming experience must change if the player make an other character with different skills. That imply : dungeons generators, PNJ generators, quests generators, object generators, adaptive recipes, ...

Game goals :Edit

One of the main purpose of the game is to lead the character from dungeon to dungeon in quest of power and old artifacts.

The character being able to follow a right path or an evil one, quests objectives will vary and will influence the fate of the character. The player will be able to do whatever he wants with his character, a herald just and right, a powerful and feared mage, an unknown thief that everyone in the world had heard of, a skillful alchemist which manage to put memories in a bottle...

Because quests are quickly limited by what we can write, a lot of attention will be on the quests generator. The player must not have the feeling to do and redo something generated (like, "fetch me X number or Y ingredient", just boring).

Everything has to be backgrounded, so players won't feel any heavy machinery (except maybe at the first start of a new game) and can immerse quickly into the game. GUI has to be well crafted, polished and intuitive.