The Great exodusEdit

The story of the first times has been lost during the great exodus. A pandemic has ravaged the world and continents, except one, all isolated. Uncontaminated survivors took refuge on ships for months, to make sure that the disease was no longer. A boat only over five was free of the disease. A boat on only over five landed in Aetherland and founded a country by people from the same continent, by civilisation. Aetherlands was only a large desert country and it is with great effort that everyone in their new country, managed to re-emerge greenery in the northern part of the continent. Each of the tribes clung to their heritage, not by chauvinism but not to forget their roots lost. The inexperienced traveler will always be surprised by the differences that can be perceived by passing a border, both in the architecture in how to live or how people have solved their problems of everyday life, building on technology or rather a form or another magic.