The character is where the point of view of the game is centralized. It is him that the player incarnates.


A character is defined by its personnal caracteristics, physical or mental. Here is the list of the main ones :

  1. Imagination
  2. Insight
  3. Determination
  4. Rigorousity
  5. Chivalry
  6. Endurance
  7. Self-control
  8. Agility
  9. Courage
  10. Luck

These main caracteristics will influence directly the game or through the secondary caracteristics :

  1. Inventivity (Imagination + Insight)
  2. Ambition (Determination + Chivalry)
  3. Diplomacy (Self-control + Insight)
  4. Mental stability (Self-control + Determination)
  5. Physical strength (Endurance + Courage)
  6. Intuition (Imagination + Insight + Luck)
  7. Empathy (Chivalry + Imagination)
  8. Memory (Rigorousity + Determination)
  9. Presence (Determination + Chivalry + Endurance)
  10. Discretion (Self-control + Agility)
  11. Appetite (Endurance)
  12. Speed (Agility + Insight)
  13. ?

Note that the '+' operator isn't for a real addition, it just shows which main caracteristics are used ti build the secondary one.

Destiny pointsEdit

The character will be offered by 5 points for each degree of easy chosen at the begining of the game, very easy = 25 pts, 5 pts = very difficult. He can receive others during the game

These points reflect the views that the character has an unusual destiny. These points can be spend at just any time, at the player's choice, when he decided that it was for the character to succeed a particular action, or to receive a particular object, because it's supposed to be his destiny. It is not possible to kill a monster with destiny points.

A door may just unlock, or reveals a secret passage. A chest can just turn into dust at first touch, making its content accessible. Etc...

Aptitudes and skillsEdit

The character has access to special abilities, magical powers, fighting tricks, ...

All of these sets of skills must be learned progressivly. A "Skill-line" is that progression, it is a succession of skills and aptitudes that must be learned in a precise order.

All skill-lines are not the same, some can only be chosen at the begining of the game (innate abilities), some can only be leared in-game, some can be discovered in game and only be picked on the next new character and some can be forbidden.

Detailed article about skills.

List of skill-lines.

Alignment and affinitiesEdit

The player can make follow any path to his character. He can play benevolent, unhealthy, generous, devious, and many others. This way of playing will reflect on the character through affinities. For example an ice mage will have a good affinity with the ice, and in doing so, he will have a good resistance to cold, and his spells will be especially potent as he has a high affinity for ice.

Affinities may evolve by learning skills (or the discovery of lines), through the port of objects (magical or otherwise), or via quests endings (ie a failed quest can too,  but not a refusal to do a quest). Some caracteristics may affect the value of certain affinities, such as Endurance with the affinity for poison. It is normally very difficult to have a good affinity for two conflicting affinities at the same time (eg light and dark).

Affinities can have side effects not desirable, for example a necromancer has a great affinity with death, he will resist well to necromancy and rot, but the potions are less effective on him as the spells with healing benefits.

Here is the list of affinities (it may evolve during the game conception) :

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