This is the detailed description of the skill-line "Aïkido", it's a martial art.

Acces conditionsEdit

Can be chosen from the start on all difficulties.

Can be learned by doing [this quest - TODO].

Must have at least :

  • 10 in Self-control
  • 10 in Agility
  • 10 in Rigorousity


TODO : Conditions and costs


"The opponent does not expect a dodge that comes right to him."

  • passive : moving towards an enemy does not give a malus anymore
  • +5 to Psychic affinity
  • +3 to Agility
  • +2 to Self-control

Ura nageEdit

"The strength of the opponent is his greatest weakness."

  • trigger : (bare hand) Every succesful dodge can provoke an additionnal counter-attack of the character
  • +3 to Agility
  • +2 to Self-control
  • +1 to Rogorousity


"This staff can in fact be considered as an extension of my arm."

  • passive : if the character fight with a staff, he is considered bare handed
  • +1 to Agility
  • +2 to Self-control
  • +2 to Rogorousity


"This blade expresses my will, bend over it."

  • passive : (katana or equivalent) the opponent can't perform conter-attacks
  • +5 to Determination
  • +5 to Psychic affinity


"I'm against violence, don't make me defend myself."

  • passive : no malus of being surrounded or being caught in the middle
  • +2 to Chivalry
  • +3 to Agility
  • +3 to Self-control